Wholesale and Retail Furniture

Wholesale and Retail Furniture – Indonesian Furniture Wicker and Wooden furniture Manufacturer

Company Profile

Kirana Indonesian Furniture, manufacture many kinds of furniture products include Wicker furniture and Wooden furniture. Our furniture products marketed worldwide beside local Indonesian furniture supply. You can buy in wholesale and in retail.

Indonesia has been recognized for its richness in both cultural natural diversity. Combine this with our skillful workers and modern manufacturing process, Indonesian furniture products have a high quality work of art made with the finest raw materials. Every piece is a unique blend of style, comfort and quality.


To further ensure that we can satisfy the different tastes, we provide Indonesian Furniture broad selection of finishing colors and materials.

Of course, if you are an overseas customer, there are many other considerations besides good products. As an experienced exporter, we understand the necessity to address these issues so that we can produce the right goods and ship them the right way to the right place.

Indonesian Furniture main materials are rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth, sea grass, abaca banana fiber and wood. From these materials we provide various furniture products to decorate  your home, bar or garden.